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Re: BLOSM.COM in case you haven't discovered it

Hi, I've been lurking and reading all the wonderful technical posts!  I've had "the bug" since I reviewed a Larks Book project for Crafters Network over a year ago, been wanting to Get My Life Organized in Neat Clipart Books!

Those of you who are writers of your own creative material in addition to book artists might be interested in this wonderful new interactive website at www.blosm.com which is designed as a market and meeting place for writers, first readers, critiquers, you can upload your own stuff; a number of well-known publishers have signed up for the beta testing.  Great place to meet a publisher, and get an idea if your stuff is ready for "prime time."  In a short period of time, there will be a rating system for readers to give feedback to the writers.

My only interest in this website is LOVE and APPRECIATION.  It is the brainchild of Michael McCarthy who brought us the Computer for Dummies books.  He has a great screenwriting guide on there if you have illusions of getting your name up in lights!  Didn't know if you guys have heard of it yet, but it is wonderful and worth a 5 minute peek!  I am just trying to spread the word whereever writers congregate, if you try the site and like it, please tell a writer friend! I'm not sure if I posted this correctly; I appreciate your patience and understanding!  I'll get the hang of it!

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