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Re: Letterpress or DTP software?

> I ended up going with an Epson printer.  The Epson printers have the paper
> tray in the back at a slight angle, but much much less than the HP's 180
> degree. I have fed papers as heavy as Rives BFK through my printer with
> little difficulty. (When talking about computers, one can never say "no"
> difficulty!)

> To see the different paper feeding methods, check out both HP's and Epson's
> web sites (http://www.epson.com and http://www.hp.com/) and look under their
> ink jet printer info.  Both sites have pictures of their printers.
> Eric
I can add a hearty yes! to the above. My new Epson Photo 1200 has
handled closed file folders and even those duo-folders with the
pockets -- there's a lever on the Epson for thicker paper, and the duo
folders would be the equivalent of 4 sheets of card stock going
through at once.

Really impressive. Plus, I've learned how to inject my cartridges with
ink from a syringe, so it's not nearly as expensive to use.

Nancy B.
Perforated Lines --
                 -- you can't resist 'em!

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