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Re: Printing signatures

At 06:22 PM 07/10/2000 -0500, Eric Alexander wrote:
>Has anyone used/tried ClickBook 2000 or Fineprint?

Although many people swear by ClickBook, I purchased it and installed it --
but, when everything on my computer had to be reinstalled, that wouldn't
work.  I had the original disks (and book, of which I'd purchased the hard
copy) and all relevant license numbers, but it wouldn't accept it ... if
memory serves, it required online registration but the number was no longer
in service, so it kept freezing.  I both E-Mailed and snail mailed the
vendor (including by certified mail, so I had receipts), but never received
even the courtesy of a reply.

I would never again deal with that company or product ... I still can't get
over their blatant refusal to even acknowledge my E-Mailed OR snail mailed
inquiries (each of which clearly reflected my registration number, etc., so
there was no question that I was the owner).

(The Scottish Terrier Lover)

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