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Getting started in artist's books

In a message dated 07/11/2000 12:32:35 PM Pacific Daylight Time,
turret@MEDIAONE.NET writes:

> My daily website is the journal of a writer and publisher -- and I
>  would dearly love to create an art book from the printouts. Along that
>  line, has anyone ever made a book along the lines of those old address
>  books with the springs in them? Where you choose a letter, press, and
>  the page opens to that letter? Does this sound possible?
>  Nancy B.
>  -----------------------------------------
>  Perforated Lines --
>  http://perforatedlines.com
>                   -- you can't resist 'em!


Your idea of using the spring address book to make an artist's book is
wonderful. Found objects of every description are routinely used in both
content as well as container. That's part of the incredible enjoyment.

I understated the level of my enjoyment while visiting your website. I was
kicked offline after 58 minutes, by good 'ole AOL, or I'd still be there. I
was only through June 1999 in your artist/publisher journal, enjoying every
minute--like eating popcorn, I couldn't resist the next 'tomorrow', so I will

Your journal is hilarious enough so that I laughed aloud, here by myself.
It's true enough that I see myself in every line. It's just plain fun to
read. It's a natural artist's book!

Come to my house and see for yourself. I have a million examples of wonderful
artist's books. Well, dozens, anyway. I started in book arts in 1993, with
Kitty Maryatt, at a UCLA Extension class. She teaches each spring, from April
to June--12 weeks. You can't get a better grounding than you will from Kitty.
I have thrown away my catalog, but e-mail Kitty at <A
HREF="mailto:TwoHandsPr">TwoHandsPr</A>  <TwoHandsPr@aol.com>

Welcome to a whole new way of being in the world. You could create limited
editions that are later published as trade editions--or vice versa, for that
matter. As a writer, that's my goal, as well. Book arts is a natural marriage
of art and writing.

Good luck with your outstanding site. I'd love to meet you sometime.


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