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Re: women/men in book arts

Let's have a reality check, here, guys. Next I'll be reading about black
helicopters from the Evil New York Artworld coming to take away our

Just to set the record straight, though:

1) There are plenty of artists in New York City - good artists, known
artists - who still make ends meet as museum employees/temps/teachers. As
for the economics of galleries: *no* one knows what it is. You think those
guys keep open books?

2) It's a cheap trick to talk about the art-world being men, the book arts
being women, and one being underpaid and blah, blah. Let's first define a
book artist, shall we? Francesco Clemente? Dieter Roth?

3) The book arts are out of the mainstream? I just came from the
Metropolitan Museum of Art, where there were several book arts books among
the new acquisitions...

4) How come if it's the art-world it's a clique, but if it's "us" it's a
joyful, tightknit band of friend?

5) There are obnoces (plural of obnox) in every walk of life. At least
some of them deal in the best. It doesn't make them less obnoxious but it
softens the pain.

6) If you can't walk down West Broadway in SoHo without retching you have
two choices: spend the next twenty years of your life getting to the point
where you care only about the art - deeply. Or go back home. Hey, this is
New York.

Paul Werner, New York City
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