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Re: FW: Archival: Inkjet versus Laser

In a message dated 7/12/00 5:28:45 AM, dsgoen@EARTHLINK.NET writes:

<< only the very newest Epson printers are archival.   >>


Re you comment above, how new is "newest?"  I purchased an Epson Stylus 900
about 6 months ago--do you think that qualifies?  How can I find out? I know
that it uses cartridges different from those of even their 850 model.

...and yes, I like the flexibility of "paper" w/ the Epson--I've put
Strathmore's Canvas and Textured paper through it, and I plan to also try a
fabric (not iron-on transfer paper, but real fabric w/ a backing so it stays
soft and must be sewn).


in Southern California

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