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Re: Archival: Inkjet versus Laser

> This strikes me as interesting.  I have examples of inkjet printing on hand
> that must be several years old, which show no signs of fading.  These were
> made on an HP inkjet.  Of course, they have not been much exposed to
> light.  What are the circumstances which cause these inks to fade?  Is
> there some protocol for testing which gives these figures?

>From what I've been reading in the epson list, light, ozone, humidity, and
heaven knows what else, all seem to have an effect.  So far, most people
depend on Wilhelm Research for the excellerated tests results.

> Perhaps you could be so kind as to tell us which vendors supply archival inks?

You need to worry about the paper AND ink combination, not just the ink or
just the paper.  You can find Wilhelm Research, archival paper & ink
suppliers, and a lot of other links at <http://home.att.net/~arwomack01/>.
I have found the piezography page, inkjetmall page, the inkjetart page (with
faq), and Wilhelm Research page, very helpful.


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