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Re: Single letter typeholder

Dear List,

A few days ago, we asked the List if they knew any sources for a single
letter typeholder.  There were no positive replies in this regard, which
makes us think that it has not been a traditional tool for binders over
the centuries.

Yet for all those difficult finishing jobs which require just one
letter, the smallest presently available typeholder (2"), is just a
little too bulky and insensitive for comfort.

A single letter typeholder would mostly be used in a situation such as
where one was short of a letter when making up a title.  So, after the
complete title has been done in the normal way - using a typeholder or a
blocking press - (with a space left for the missing letter), one would
then extract the required letter from the title just done, fit it into
the single letter typeholder, and then proceed to impress the single
letter in its required space on the book cover.

If no one knows of a supplier, we will have one made from the design in
Manly Banister's Bookbinding as a Handcraft.  But, if a supplier can be
found first, all the better.

Thank you if you can assist.

Peter Krantz.
Book Restorations.

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