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Re: Single letter typeholder

  Historically, Peter, the need for a single letter typeholder wouldn't
have arisen since any well appointed shop would have had sets of handle
letters as well as type.  Since previous periods have not shared the
modern mind set which would be disturbed by a mismatching of typefaces,
or even point size, any set to hand would probably have been used.
Given our modern eye, educated by machine produced goods to notice and
fret over any deviation from design, this is no longer satisfactory.  I
suspect, however, that many binders have their own home made handles for
single type letters.  Given the ingenuity of this crowd someone has
probably programmed a computer to generate a set of odd letters and
figured out how to iron them on to book spines as needed. I wouldn't put
it past us.  You are more likely to get a deluge of clever alternatives
than you are to find a manufactured single letter type holder.  Anyway,
if you are using a standard type style you can probably find a set of
handle letters in the same style and point size for sale from the makers
of finishing tools.

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