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Re: FW: Archival: Inkjet versus Laser

Thought I'd add some comments to this subject.

Yes, I was also told that Epson was coming out with a
new printer and more archival inks (100-year) sometime
this summer. I haven't heard of any announcement yet.

I own an Epson Stylis EX and have just purchased
"Lumijet" inks, which are more archival (about 40
years as opposed to 4 years?) than the current Epson
inks (and a little more expensive).  There are also
papers available for the Epson printer, which are
lightly coated.  "Legion Paper" coats Somerset
printmaking paper,  is compatible with all Epson
printers and is archival, and "Lumijet" carries a
heavy weight line which also has a light coating for
the Epson.  These papers have the "feel" we want in a
book.  Right now they are pretty pricey if you are
making an edition, but I expect the prices will come
down sometime soon.  The technology seems to change
dramatically every six months.

I will be experimenting with the new inks and papers
in the next few weeks, but have seen great results
from photographers.


mindy belloff  ~  mabell                                        http://www.IntimaPress.com

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