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Preserving newspaper clippings

I have been following this list for about 8 months now and this is my first
posting. It has become a valuable resource for me. So many of you out there
are very talented and knowledgeable. The variety of topics covered (many of
which I was completely unaware) has given me a more solid foundation of
information and let me know how much more there is to learn!  I am relatively
new to the bookarts community, first began making artists books through
workshops with Shereen LaPlantz in 1998, although it felt like I had been
heading towards it for all my artistic life, looking back over the media and
techniques which I have enjoyed the most.

The following was recently posted to a genealogy newsgroup:

"If you have old newspapers or clippings or documents that are too brittle
and want to save them, you can take one tablet or two TBS of milk of magnesia
in a quart of club soda, chill mixture overnite, soak clippings in solution
for 1 hour, blot and lay flat to air dry. They will last another 100 years.
The remaining mixture can be stored in the refrigerator for the next use.
(Just remember to mark it so family members are aware it is not to be

Comments anyone?

MaryLu Lee
Slybacon Press
Littleton, CO

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