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Further questions about Epson archival prints

Hello all,
I am new to this list (and fairly new to the world of bookbinding), so I
must first express my amazement that such a list is in existence, that
people like yourselves are so helpful and curious to share information and
experiences. If the truth be told, this is my first attempt to post any kind
of public inquiry, as I'm just a child when it comes to the more advanced
functions internet world (I hope I do it right), so the whole thing is a bit

Here's the story: I am looking for information about printing archival books
on my Epson printer. I was happy to find this topic has been recently
addressed, but I wonder if I can trouble those of you in the know with
further questions.

I have designed a 64-page book with text and color photography. I have
already made a "dummy" version of this by printing out the pages in
position, pasting them back-to-back, and then sewing the whole text block
together, binding, etc. The problem (which is a good one to have, I guess)
is that several people have asked for a copy of the book, and the version I
have made is simply not archival and not one I would want to give away. I am
wondering how to solve the following problems so that I could actually feel
comfortable giving this to someone and know it would last at least for their

1. PRINTER...My printer is an Epson 1520. It prints up to 17x22. This wasn't
one of the models mentioned in the earlier emails, and I have no idea about
the fade factor. Also, the Epson inkjet prints are not waterproof, are they?

2. PAPER...The pages are printed on Epson photo quality ink jet paper (the
matte one), then glued together because I have not found a paper that can
print with the desired quality on both sides (and since these are
photographs, the quality is especially important). Therefore, I print on the
good (bright) side of each piece of paper and glue them together. I have
heard there are some double-sided photo-quality papers out there, but I
haven't been able to find them myself. And I wonder just how expensive these
will be. Any suggestions/leads?

3. ADHESIVE...For the dummy model, I used rubber cement, just for the ease
of it. If I use PVA, the paper curls and is so hard to work with that I ruin
a large percentage of the prints. I didn't actually try a wheat paste,
although I wondered if that might work better for me. Of course, I realize
that rubber cement is a terrible choice for longevity, but it was nice to be
able to reposition when I'm trying to match pages up so precisely. Also, it
was good to be able to mop up the extra glue with the rubber cement eraser.
Does anyone know of a glue that would handle well in this situation and be

4. ABANDONING MY PERSONAL PRINTER...I would be making about 20 books (a
limited edition run, I guess). Some people suggested trying to have a small
press (an off-set printer, I guess) print the pages for me, then I could
bind them myself. Wouldn't this be outrageously expensive? Has anyone ever
done anything like this?

I guess that's it for the start. Any advice you can offer is greatly
appreciated. I'm sure there are lots of you out there who have done
something like this already, and I would love to learn from your


Rachel Allard
Chicago Illinois

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