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Workshop in Oregon

Announcing a 3-day workshop, August 26, 27 and 28, 2000
in Portland, Oregon
sponsored by the Oregon Book Arts Guild:

There Must Be 50 Ways to Attach Your Cover
(after the Paul Simon song...)
given by Kitty Maryatt
Director of the Scripps College Press
and owner of Two Hands Press

This is a three-day class for serious students of bookbinding
who want to codify the many ways that boards can be attached
to the text block. We will classify methods such as gluing and
casing-in, lacing-in, hinging, post and side-sewn, sewn-in boards,
and hybrid styles. There must be fifty ways to attach your cover!

We'll explore supported vs. unsupported sewing and how that
affects the board attachment. We will examine exemplars that
I will bring in (and those you bring in as well), and make models
of useful attachments. We'll use sewing frames when necessary.
Why to choose one style over another will be explored, as well
as how the use of heavier materials such as wood, plastic and
metal dictates board attachment styles.

There will be a materials fee of $25 per person for the making
of models. Please contact Catherine Cumlin about the cost for
the class.

Any questions?
Contact coordinator Catherine Cumlin:
or Kitty Maryatt at

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