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Re: Further questions about Epson archival prints

A couple of thoughts about your ink jet books.

1. Paper:  There are many "fine art" papers out there for ink jet
printing. A good place to look is at www.inkjetart.com. They have many
finish options, sizes and the site provides lots of information. Also
try www.inksupply.com. Both sites also have great info about ink jet
cartridge refill options.

2. Adhesive: A great adhesive for this type of work is Rollataq made by
Daige. I buy it at my local art supply store. They sell it with a great
applicator tool that spreads a thin, even amount of glue on the
page--and it is archival. I am to cheap to buy the applicator, so I just
brush or roll it on as I would PVA. Use a very thin coat. And press the
pages to dry flat. Curls much less than PVA and seems much thinnner and
easier to use.

3. Abandoning your personal printer: Yes, doing a limited edition book
with offset printing is going to be outrageously prices. The color
separations and film output alone will be just too high. Even a printer
with a direct to plate system would be high. Another option is to find a
printer or service bureau who has either an Indigo or Xeikon or similar
printer. These are basically high-volume color laser printers that are
great for short run color printing.

Good luck on your books


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