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Re: watercolor vs. acrylic marbling?


Acrylic marbling works best.     The colors don't fade and they don't rub
off.   Once you work with acrylic's in marbling, you'll probably never use
any other paints.

You can use acrylic paints for marbling on cloth (cotton or silk) using the
same procedure as marbling on paper.

If you're interested in more information about acrylic marbling, please visit
Galen Berry's website - MarbleArt

He will be on the west coast again this fall teaching his popular "Paper and
Fabric Marbling"    A list of classes is on his website.

Art Media is hosting a two day class in Beginning and Intermediate Marbling,
November 11 and 12th.

There is also a three day workshop at Coupeville Arts Center in Whidbey
Island, and a one day workshop at Spokane Art Supply in Spokane.

Lorraine Hanson
Portland, OR

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