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Re: Reminder of Call for Entries

Dear Sheila,

Technically, yes, today is the postmark deadline. I'd like everything in my
hands in about a week, so if you can still get our materials together,
please send them along. Here is the entry form, followed by the guidelines
for gallery entries.

The Ultimate Journal, by Suzanne J. E. Tourtillott

Please complete one copy of this form for each visual you submit. Clearly
mark each submitted visual with your name and a number (1, 2, or 3), and
mark the corresponding form with the same number. Also mark the visual
"top" and "front" so that we won't print it upside down or flopped. On the
form below, please type or write clearly and distinguish uppercase from
lowercase letters. Entries must be postmarked by July 24, 2000.

Your code # on visual (1, 2, or 3):

Your name as you wish it to appear:

Business name (if any):

Complete mailing address:

Daytime telephone number:

Fax number:

E-mail address:

Website address:

Title of piece:

Year executed:

Dimensions (height x width x depth, in that order); inches or centimeters
or both:

Type of media (do not give brand names):

Features (pockets, tissue paper, antique leather, etc.):

Surface decoration techniques (if any):

Photographer you wish to credit:

Type of visual:

        ___     35 mm slide
        ___     2-1/4" color transparency
        ___     4" x 5" color transparency
        ___     Original
        ___     Dupe

If the visual is a dupe, could you send us an original on request? _____

Artist's Agreement

I hereby grant permission to Lark Books to reproduce any visuals that I
have submitted for the book tentatively titled, The Ultimate Journal, which
is scheduled for release in Spring 2001.

This agreement gives Lark Books the right to publish my submitted work in
all editions of this book and to use my submitted work for promotion and
publicity purposes. These reproduction rights are non-exclusive; I retain
ownership of submitted images and have the right to reproduce them
elsewhere. I agree, however, not to have any of my submitted images
reproduced in any other book until six months after the publication of this

I represent and warrant that I am the owner, or authorized representative
of the owner, of the rights granted herein, and that publication of the
materials submitted will not infringe upon any other copyright.

Full Name (please print)_____________________________________


Mail entries no later than July 24, 2000, to: The Ultimate Journal/Gallery
Submissions, Attn: S. Tourtillott, Lark Books, 50 College St., Asheville,
NC 28801

* * *

Entry Guidelines for Gallery Submissions
The Ultimate Journal, by Suzanne J. E. Tourtillott

* Entries must be postmarked no later than July 24, 2000.

* If you, as the book artist, submit slides of a journal with
artwork/writing made by another person, we will send a release form to you,
and their contribution will be acknowledged within the book.

* All visuals must be of work that is original in design. Recent work is

* A maximum of three entries per artist is allowed. An "entry" may consist
of no more than two visuals (an overall shot and a detail shot of the
piece, for example.) All three entries must be mailed in the same packet.

* Each visual must be clearly labeled (please see the Gallery Entry Form &
Artist's Agreement for details).

* Each visual must be accompanied by a copy of the Gallery Entry Form &
Artist's Agreement.

* Artists whose work is selected for the book will receive full
acknowledgment within the book, a complimentary copy of the book, and
discounts on the purchase of books. Lark Books will use the selected images
only in this book. Artists retain all copyrights to their work.

Image Specs

* Submit only the highest-quality color transparencies (the larger, the
better), or 35 mm slides. Originals (or "masters") are always preferable,
but duplicates are acceptable. (Note that we will be keeping selected
visuals for several months.)
* Do not send snapshots, instant prints, over- or under-exposed visuals, or
color-print negatives. We cannot accept them.
* Do not crop visuals with tape or scissors.
* All visuals must be clean, sharp images with good contrast. Avoid sending
visuals shot at awkward angles or with harsh shadows.
* Clear, simple backgrounds are always preferable to ones that are
distracting or confusing.

Suzanne J. E. Tourtillott
Lark Books
50 College Street
Asheville, North Carolina, USA
Tel: (828) 253-0467 x312
Fax: (828) 253-7952
e-mail: suzanne@larkbooks.com


Littera Scripta Manet. Volat Irrevocabili Verbum.
The written word remains. The spoken word takes wing and cannot be

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