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Gocco print exchange

I'm posting this to the list since I know many of you use gocco printing in
your artist's books and other work. The participants in the first swap
created a wide range of work, from greeting card designs to multi-layered
photo based images to prints created from original drawings. I've found all
of them to be helpful teaching tools.


The Second Semi-Annual International Gocco Print Exchange

Open to all artists who use Gocco printing in their work in some way -
printmaking, book arts, graphic design, etc. Those new to
printmaking may want to organize a separate swap for beginners.

Please send a quick email to paper@oregontrail.net if you plan to
participate so that you can be added to the group mailing list for updates.
(The mailing list gets deleted after the swap and updates should be minimal)

Last day for prints to arrive:    September 30, 2000


Send 50 get 50 - If we have fewer than 50 participants any extra prints will
be returned to you with your packet. More than 50 and you will receive a
selection of prints matched as closely as possible to the type of work you

Overall size not to exceed 9" x 12" or be less than 4" x 6". Artist's books
folded down or assembled from the stated sizes are welcome.

Printing on any media accepted. Last spring's entries included aluminum,
copper, plastic, handmade paper, etc. Fine paper or other quality materials
are encouraged.

Multiple screen prints are encouraged.

What to send:

50 prints

A brief description of the process used (one copy only)

Your name and any contact information you would like other participants to

A self-addressed return mail label.

$5.40 in postage for 4 lb. Priority Mail return shipping of your packet
inside the US.

Enough $ to get a 4 lb package returned to your international destination.

Where to send your prints:

Roberta Lavadour
48006 St. Andrew's Road
Pendleton, OR 97801

Feel free to contact me with any questions....


Best wishes,


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