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Re: lab spill

In a message dated 7/25/00 5:08:09 AM Pacific Daylight Time,
knharper@EARTHLINK.NET writes:

 >Well, sometimes they do know. Actually, there is a difference in
 >reliability and longevity among CD-R media.  >>

I agree that there is a difference.  Some of the best are the type that use
silver (TDK) instead of gold. The silver has  a higher reflectivity and I've
had 100% success sending these to others without any problems. TDK has tested
them for an estimated life of greater than 100 years.

I'm guessing that you where not on the list  back when there was a big
one-sided argument about using CD-Rs for archiving material.  There is a
clique of, apparently anti-digital, "experts" who have convinced many that it
is hopeless to use digital technology for archiving purposes.   It is because
of the faulty logic used by these  experts that I make the statement that
they "know not."
Dean Fletcher

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