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Re: Displaying work on line

>Where we are struggling is with framed work.  One of the lessons we've =
>already learnt is not to frame them before scanning or photographing =
>them, because the glass quite seriously affects visual legibility and =
>can make lines blur and smudge.  But assuming that the works are already =
>behind glass, what is the best way of handling scanned/photographed =
>images without losing too much detail?

A few high-end scanners are able to focus on 3d objects - the Topaz
is one of them, as I remember. Try asking at a good pre-press
bureau for advice or service. But a simpler solution, and probably
cheaper in the long run, is to buy a digital camera. That way you
can focus, and set up the lighting to avoid glass reflections etc.

>We're thinking of reprinting the =
>editionable images so that they can be scanned directly without the =
>intermediary of the photographer at all.  Also, what makes more sense, =
>digital or traditional photography?

Digital photography doesn't come even vaguely close to the quality
or resolution of trad. photography, so if you're looking to get
fine-art quality from the photos then digital is unlikely to suit.
But digital is getting better and higher resolution all the time,
so if you only need good quality then digital might scrape by if you
get an up to date and top-range camera - but it still won't cope
with the range of conditions a cheap trad. camera will. If you're
only using the digital camera to get pictures on-line for display,
rather than as originals for sale, then this would be fine, and you
could even use a less than top-range camera.


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