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Re: Displaying work on line

> Tim Sheppard wrote . . .

> Digital photography doesn't come even vaguely close to the quality
> or resolution of trad. photography, so if you're looking to get
> fine-art quality from the photos then digital is unlikely to suit.
> But digital is getting better and higher resolution all the time,
> so if you only need good quality then digital might scrape by if you
> get an up to date and top-range camera - but it still won't cope
> with the range of conditions a cheap trad. camera will. If you're
> only using the digital camera to get pictures on-line for display,
> rather than as originals for sale, then this would be fine, and you
> could even use a less than top-range camera.

While I do not question the basic validity of the statement, I think it is
appropriate to recognize and match camera to purpose.

There is no point in scanning photographs at 2400 dpi resolution when you
can only print at 600 or 1200 dpi. Likewise, it makes no sense to spend the
money and effort to work with silver process film for display on the
internet. A mid range priced digital camera $400 - $600 can produce images
beyond the capabilities of the internet. I have used traditional cameras for
years and currently have Kodak make their HQ CD scans of everything I do.
These scans are great etc. but the expense and quality cannot be appreciated
on a web site.

Most of the current camcorders have a snapshot mode. This is quite adequate
for snaps for a webpage. In putting Fine Art on the Web, I would suggest a
minimum of two files. One small thumbnail in size, the other a larger but
still only a 50k - 60k file. This way the image is there and download time
is not excessive. The increased quality is not worth the time or file size.



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