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Book Festival in Chicago

Here=92s the news on the First Annual Festival of the Book in Chicago:

Bravo to Bill Drendel and his team at Columbia College and sponsor
Powells Books! This was a first annual festival that deserves to be
continued. The magical part of the book festival was that trade book
dealers and rare book dealers were cheek by jowl with book artists
and fine press printers, and there was a lot of cross-pollination.
I expect that next year=92s event will attract more sellers and buyers.

There were at least 30 different teams selling books, including sponsor
Powell=92s Books, Four Rivers Books, Oak Knoll, Priscella Juvelis,
Richard Minsky, University of Iowa Press, Naughty Dog Press,
Lame Duck Books, Scripps College Press, Ninja Press, Robin Price, Printer,
and Michael Thompson Bookseller. And to make it very professional,
Powell=92s Books loaned 75 of their portable bookcases for use (thank you
very much), and there were large glassed cases available for rent. The
venue was at Columbia College, and we took over the entire room
downstairs and another room up the stairs. It was hot and humid
(what else?), probably elevated by the hot sales atmosphere. Columbia
College charged only for the tables, and did not require a percentage of
sales. It was expensive to come all the way from California, but they
also arranged a good rate at a hotel four blocks away (and I had a
superb view of the lake and the Taste of Chicago Festival on the 13th floor)=
On Friday night, dozens of Rare Book and Manuscipt Librarians came
by for the closing event for their conference, and some who couldn=92t come
Friday came on Saturday. They were in a buying mood and made a lot
of us very happy with standing orders and sales. It was a rare event to
be able to connect with so many knowledgable and interested patrons.
On Saturday, it was anybody=92s guess as to who might show up, as it
was open to the public. Well, the public came, and there was practically
no time to take a break and cruise the wares. Bill Drendel said that about
40,000 invitations were sent out. Imagine what will happen next year.
It was a great event, and we were so glad to have made the decision to=20

Next events on the horizon: Oak Knoll Book Fair Sept. 23 and the
Northwest Book Festival Oct. 21-22. Lots of chances for us to show
our wares! (Though Scripps College Press is now out of print on all
but the latest edition...)

Kitty Maryatt
Scripps College Press
and Two Hands Press

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