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Re: Photographing Books


As a photographer, book artist and art professor, I have a tip: learn
photography. The reason that a good professional photographer charges
money is because they know how to take good, professional photos. If it
were really easy to take good photos, everyone could do it.

Expensive equipment in the hands of an unskilled photographer usually
results in lousy photos taken with expensive equipment. The most
important "tools" of a good photographer are talent, dedication and
experience. This is why I use the term "good professional photographer".
There are many hacks out there that use the latest computerized
equipment to make up for the fact that they don't have the talent,
dedication or experience.

This doesn't mean that you cannot take good photos, it means that you
must learn about photography. Photographing a book is no different that
photographing any other three-dimensional object--including people.


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