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Re: watercolor vs. acrylic marbling?

In most of the books I have read, the choices of medium seem to go in pairs:
Acrylics on methocel, watercolours on carragheen, tempera on liquid laundry
starch (for kids). I wonder how much of the detail which can be achieved
using watercolours on carragheen can be attributed to the paint and how much
to the carragheen.

>Not everyone will agree that Acrylic marbling works best. [...]
>[...] If your
>colors are mixed properly and your paper is treated properly with alum the
>watercolors will not rub off.
Treating the paper with alum will impair its longevity.
Not only are acrylics less expensive, they don't require pre-treatment of
the paper, and they are far less fussy regarding such variables as humidity,
methocel temperature, and the phase of the moon.
-Kevin Martin
 the Papertrail

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