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Re: Photographing Books

Kevin, I agree with John, learn photography at least a little. You
should find that there will be a local adult education course
where you can learn the basics in an enjoyable way. I learned
through reading and experimenting - I'm not a skilled or
well-rounded photographer now, but I can usually get reasonable
photos of my books.

One important tip I would give though: try photographing your
books outside in natural light. It is very difficult even for
professionals to get true colours in photos under artificial light.
You'll also save on having to buy expensive lights. You will of
course be at the mercy of the weather, but if you just want
occasional photo sessions then this might not be a problem. I
recommend that you don't take photos under direct sunlight, but
wait for cloud cover or find some shade. You won't be able to
control the lighting much, but if you can set things up on a little
table etc. then you can move that, and perhaps put reflective white
board nearby to help fill in the shade if necessary. The main
difficulty I find when photographing open books is that paper -
even eg. cream uncoated paper - tends to be so bright that it can
be overexposed when the binding is just right, even when the
weather seems dull and cloudy. It's worth taking various photos
using different exposures or metering the light in different spots.
But if you're not willing to spend the time in trial and error, at
least for quite a while, there is no magic formula to perfect

Hope this helps


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