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Guild of Book Workers "Standards of Excellence Conference in Salt Lake City, Oct. 5-7, 2000

Guild of Book Workers Members will know about this conference and have
received registration materials. Anyone is will to join/attend this
excellent group and annual conference. Dates are October 5-7. For more
information contact Monique Lallier, Standards Committee Chair,

Peter Verheyen
Publicity / Public Relations Chair
The Guild of Book Workers.


Hi Everyone,
I want you to know that there is still space available for the Salt Lake City
Standards Conference.

We have a great program.
    Pam Spitzmueller on "Girdle bindings"
    Gabrielle Fox on "Miniature bindings"
    Karen Zukor on "Know you adhesives"
    Terry Buckley on "Wide open bindings"
    Bill Minter on "Sharpening tools"

You will have to choose 4 presentations that you want to attend.  We can
accept 175 participants.  There is 125 applications so far.

It is the 20th Anniversary of the Standards of Excellence and Don Etherington
will be the keynote speaker.  He is the founder of the "Standards."

We also have the privilege to have John and Joyce Tonkin, from Australia,
visiting the US and they will give a talk at the Sunday breakfast on their
work and the bookbinding world in Australia.

The banquet with the auction is always great entertainment.
The Annual Business Meeting of the Guild of BookWorkers is also held during
the conference.  It is the opportunity to voice your needs and hopes and
views of what the Guild should be.

There is also very good tours on Thursday giving you the chance to know the
area better.

And the Foundation Session with Betsy Palmer Eldridge talking on the "Various
property of leather and the problems of using it as a bookbinding material"
will be held on Thursday.

If you cannot find an application form that was in the June newsletter of
GBW, let me know and I can mail a copy to you.  If you have any question,
please do not hesitate to contact me by e-mail:  BKBDRS2LUV@aol.com or by
phone at: 336-643-0934.

If you have your copy, fill it up and send it to me at the address on the

It will be a great meeting.  Don't miss it.  There is a lot to learn and enjoy
 at the Standards of Excellence Annual gathering.

See you in Salt Lake City.
Monique Lallier,
Chair of the Standards of Excellence

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