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Re: Web Hosting services

At 06:12 PM 8/3/2000 EDT, you wrote:
>I can recommend www.hostway.com.  Great intro 3-month offer at a discount.

No. Stay away from hostway. Their technical support is ridiculously bad and
when a problem with another website caused their system to slow down to
being unusable, and I contacted them to point out the problem, they
insisted that it was my site using the CPU (it wasn't: while one section of
my site would do a small database query every time a page was loaded, the
other site's CPU usage kept my site inaccessible and I was only serving one
page TOTAL per hour).

And when I complained, they told me that they didn't want my business any

Currently with web2010.com and no complaints.

What I would recommend to anyone investigating webhosting is do a power
search on the name of the webhosting company on deja.com and see what turns
up. All of the companies that I've had problems with turned out to have
huge piles of complaints on deja.com. It's not perfect, but it's one of the
best resources available.


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