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Tapering Leather

I recently spent an amazing two weeks with the incomparable Jim Croft at =
Penland School of Crafts making wood covers and tools.
The one thing from the workshop that I wasn't sure how I would continue to =
do was tapering the leather. I remembered buying a Rolls Razor in a flea =
market several years ago simply for its beautiful design. I tried it on =
leather and it works like a dream! It comes with it's own very ingenious =
design for sharpening complete with stone and honing surface. The blade is =
Sheffield. The razor itself has a safety bar on it. That bar prevents you =
from cutting through the leather. It's a beautiful object and cuts like =
butter. The good news is that there are several available on Ebay for =
around 10.00! If you find one without instructions I'd be glad to xerox =
mine and send them to you. Good luck! Kristy

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