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Border Specimen Book

If you are interested in Graphic Arts or Typography, you might like to know=20
of our new Border Specimen book, due to be published at the end of August.=20

This shows all the Founders and Monotype border units held at the Alembic=20
Press, plus a brief history of the use of borders, and a short history of Th=
Monotype Corporation's issue of border units, with a chronology of their=20
(U.K.) designs.=20

Each Monotype border is shown as a single unit, and as a line of units, and=20
as a square of units showing the pattern available when the units are=20
combined. Many borders also show additional squares with the units rotated,=20
or combined with other borders, thus revealing the wealth of texture=20
available. Over 600 different squares of texture have been printed in the=20
book, and various historic border styles are demonstrated by the different=20
chapter headings, illustrations and tip-ins.

Details are available on-line at <A=20
mbooks/borders.htm</A>. The main edition is US$260 or UK=A3149 (inclusive of=
shipping). The de-luxe edition, containing an extra section of border sample=
including eg original prints, a Fournier leaf and a Bert Smith border, is=20
US$410 or UK=A3230. The book is also available in sheets at US$208 or UK=A31=

David Bolton, The Alembic Press
AlembicPrs@aol.com               http://members.aol.com/alembicprs/ =20

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