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online paper

  I'm sorry for my neglegence inposting any address for Sephen Kinsella.
They do provide paper for all media including sections for decrative,
japanese, book arts, printmaing, and drawing/calligraphy. Each paper has
notations of what it can be best used for as well as specifics on origin,
weight and sizing.
  Last price list I have BFK (white standard) 22x30 went for $1.98 per sheet
or $187 per hundred. I haven't found any place with a cheaper price.

Anyway they are located in Missouri at

Stephen Kinsella, Inc.                  1-800-445-8865
Fine Art Papers                     fax 1-314-991-8090
PO Box 32420                        www.KinsellaArtPaper.com
Olivette, MO 63132                  info@KinsellaArtPapers.com

  chat more later
Justin Miller

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   swift in anger quick to laugh
   an old man in a battered hat
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