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Re: Period writing accoutrements

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Van: Loud Creek Books & Bindery <loudcreek@WORLDNET.ATT.NET>
Datum: vrijdag 4 augustus 2000 19:02
Onderwerp: Re: Period writing accoutrements

>Maybe someone else on the list can remember but there is a calligraphy book
>(the title I can not remember) that has an excellent discussion on how to
>cut and trim a quill pen. Step by step with great illustrations.

Maybe the book you're looking for is 'The Calligraphers Handbook' by Heather
Child and others. I'm pretty sure John Neal carries it. In it is an article
by Donald Jackson. He describes a good way of curing and cutting quills.
I used to do it myself for the Meermanno Museum in the Hague-where they have
this nice scriptorium for kids-, in the Netherlands, when I stil had my shop
in calligraphy materials, and I must say that his method is good, although
there are more modern ways to cure the quills nowadays.
The cheapest way to get quills in my opion is to go to a farmer and ask for
the four biggest feathers of the left wing of the goose (of right wing if
you are left handed). The best feathers are those the geese lost naturally,
but actually all feathers work well if you can cut them, and -very
important- if you can write with them. In school we modern kids all learned
writing with too much pressure, and that not what we want with quills.
Buy a hundred of them and practice curing and cutting. After that learning
period you'll have the cheapest and probably the best quills you can get.
You don't really need a authentic quill knife to cut them. The cheap plastic
knife that you sharpen by breaking small sections of, suits me best. Nice
and flexibel when you use the whole length. Not very romantic though, I do

Baukje Scheppink

>Pretty recent in publication

About 1980 I think...

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