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Re: Period writing accoutrements

Op 8 Aug 00, om 21:12, Baukje Scheppink schreef:

> >Maybe someone else on the list can remember but there is a
> >calligraphy book (the title I can not remember) that has an excellent
> >discussion on how to cut and trim a quill pen. Step by step with
> >great illustrations.
> Maybe the book you're looking for is 'The Calligraphers Handbook' by
> Heather Child and others. I'm pretty sure John Neal carries it. In it
> is an article by Donald Jackson. He describes a good way of curing and
> cutting quills.

I have a book here by Donald Jackson which is called "Van beitel
tot vulpen" and is the dutch translation of "The Story of Writing"
and was originally published in 1980 (dutch translation is from
1981, Gaade Uitgevers, Veenendaal).
It has indeed a very accurate description and drawings of the

Cor Knops.

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