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Archival inks

There's an article on archival inks for  inket printers in the current
issue of eDigitalPhoto magazine, some parts of which--but NOT this
particular article!--can be read on their web site; see the reference  URLs
below.  I may try scanning it later [if I feel like trying an OCR
application for turning text into a file] to post to the list if it seems
worthy of our attention.
Of course, you could just buy a copy of the mag! It has much info on
digital cameras/photography, so some may have an interest in that.

see main/home page at

and the article is

On using computers: I use the PC's graphics programs, inkjet & color laser
outputs, as well as traditional film outputs from files created in
Illustrator etc., for design work, for creating things to try out for print
on the letterpress, for laying out text before setting the type by hand to
see how it fits into a shape, for example, and other manipulations. I just
scanned an image, had it output to film, then made a polymer plate to use
in a multi-pass letterpress piece, a Rumi poem interpreted visually, that
we're printing at Bay Park Press. The PC [or Mac] makes working with older
forms like letterpress even MORE effective, and enjoyable, since we can
produce things, like film images for making polymer plates, just to name
one example, in a few minutes or hours. I'm impressed with how easily I can
take something like a lino cut, then play with colors in Photoshop, say, to
test color combos without having to mix inks by hand, so that I have a
better idea where to go with the colors.
just a few thoughts,,,

Sibyl Designs /\ sibyl@san.rr.com
tel: 858.268.4647 /\ fax: 858.541.2260

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