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responsive inks and papers query

i've just joined the list so please accept my apologies for jumping in
with a question regardless of the thread of the current of the
I am editing a book to accompany an artists project which has entailed
placing a sculpture made of shape memory alloys (SMAs) on Gruinard
Island in Scotland - the site of the Allies biological weapons testing
during WW2. (SMAs change and regain their crystal composition based on
temperature - so, in this case, the sculpture morphs, flexes and pulses
based on the wind and atmosphere). The book contains a number of essays
and images around issues relating to public/environmental art,
technology, genetically modified foods, biological warfare and the like.
The book will be published in two editions - both acting as slipcovers
to a CD which will have on it film footage of the sculpture in situ. The
first edition is a large international print run - completely
straightforward, paperback. The second edition is the one I have
questions about.

As the ideas behind the art project involve questions of land, matter,
human presence, and airborne biologically and genetically engineered
pathogens, it is desired that the limited edition book also speak to
these ideas, and make reference to the technological nature of the
sculpture. Hence, what I am looking for is information relation to
responsive technologies as they could be applied to a book project:
photochromic inks?
piezochromic or pressure sensitive inks?
thermochromic inks?
pressure senstive papers?
light sensitive papers?
temperature sensitive papers?
aromatically enhanced fabrics?
scratch and sniffs?

I am in England but would be glad to hear of any companies or suppliers
anywhere who may be able to help with such a project. I would also
welcome suggestions for how to proceed - we want the book to have a
sense of interactivity and infection when it is handled by its reader,
but we also want the book to be a lasting document (so we don't want to
have invisible ink that will never reappear!) I'm open to ideas of new
textured types of paper that might lend a strange or otherworldly feel
to the piece. I'm curious as to the techniques available to make images
appear and disappear or glow or change colour or depth - any optical
tricks you know of (perhaps in layering different types of paper) would
be appreciated. Of course, as a non-profit arts organization we are
working on a limited budget, but anyone who could provide valuable
advice would be duly credited (and likely be saved a copy of the book

Thanks so much,
Sarah Cook

independent curator of new media art
Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England

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