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Book arts in Northern Italy?


I will be in Northern Italy this November and am setting my
travel itinerary.

I would be grateful for any book arts recommendations you
might be able to offer including (but not limited to!):
paper producers and vendors; binding and printing sites; and
libraries or bookstores with manuscript archives or book art
resources.  Again, any suggested destinations would be much

(I've searched the archive of BOOK_ARTS-L -- and while two
other individuals have posted "book arts in Italy" queries,
there is no summary posting available.  If you would be so
kind as to suggest your favorite sites, I would be delighted
to post a summary to the archives so we all could benefit
from the list expertise.)

Please respond to me privately at <jblatter@california.com>.
If you are interested in receiving a summary of my
responses, please email me your address off-list.  Thanks
very much for your consideration!


Josh Blatter <jblatter@california.com>
San Francisco, California

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