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Re: Books on bookbinding

It is good to have enough of a feel for the basics of binding to be able fit
good instruction with the customers who want that, and colorful galleries
with people who are satisfied with that.

I have to agree that all of Keith Smith's instructions are well illustrated,
clearly explained and contain sound advice. I've always liked Cover to Cover
for beginners as well.

Unfortunately, the informative books that address making structurally sound
work are sometimes a dry read. And some of the books with fabuluous pictures
in them have incomplete or unclear instructions. (I picked up one recently
that explained "rebinding an old book" in four steps - four two-inch
paragraphs in all, and the final instruction was something like "now sew the
book back together and attach the cover".....huh?)

If you also carry books on papermaking, I'd highly recommend Helen Hiebert's
Papermaker's Companion. Sound advice that's also accessible for the home

Best wishes,

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