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Re: Book arts in Northern Italy?

Centro del Bel Libro, Ascona, CH. A short train ride from Milan via
Chiasso, Lugano, Bellinzona to Locarno and then a few minutes on the tram
or bus.

They have a design binding program taught by Edwin Heim, a School for Book
Restauration taught by Julia Puissant, at least she was there a few years ago.

Their contact information is:

Centro del Bel Libro
Via Collegio
6612 Ascona - Switzerland
Tel. ++41 91 791 72 34
Fax ++41 91 791 72 54

In Ascona is also the studio of Roland Meuter, another fine binder who
worked with Hugo Peller and I think took over his studio/married into the
Peller family. They're right around the corner, almost and also sell some
great hand binding tools.

Their contact information is:

Passaggio San Pietro, CH-6612 Ascona
Tel und Fax: 091 791 13 34
e-mail: info@rmeuter.ch
web: www.rmeuter.ch

Great town, lovely region and great study opportunity, or even just for a


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