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Fall 2000 Classes at Planetary Collage, Portland, OR

1306 NW Hoyt N° 407
503 243-6812
FAX 503 228-7262

Planetary Collage       Fall 2000, Schedule



BOOK STRUCTURES is intended for graphic designers, painters, printmakers and
photographers—any artist generating forms which can be directed toward the
handmade book.

In the beginning, primary structures will be demonstrated, then each
participant will build one. In addition there will be demonstrations on the
subset processes contained within the elementary forms. These structures
wholly support the ideas of the visual book and as such are crucial to the
advancement of the book as an art object. As the sessions unfold, refinements
will be added, along with additional book and box structures. Included will
be invaluable information on adhesives, pigments, gilding, leather
bookbinding, paper surface design, metal working and much more. This
collection of information and techniques and the interplay between them is
largely unavailable anywhere else.

BOOK STRUCTURES is an perpetual class with committed students continuing from
level to level. The class revolves around much individual attention to the
craft and each student eventually progresses to self-initiated projects.
Newcomers are welcome in any class as space allows. Each group is limited to
six people.

Fee: $330 per student. Standard materials for class projects are included, as
well as the use of studio tools and equipment. Students should bring special
papers, leather or fabric if desired and personal tools are welcome.

Please note that an additional evening class has been added.

Fall 2000 session: Begin the week of Sept 12  and go through through the week
of November 14

10 sessions for 10 consecutive weeks, 3 hours each.


Section 1:  Tuesday mornings 7:30 am to 10:30 am
Section 2:  Tuesday evenings   6:00 pm to 9 pm
Section 3:  Wednesday evening 6:00 to 9 pm
Section 4:  Thursday mornings 7:30 am to 10:30 am

Please contact for availibility or with any other questions--

thanks very much--


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