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What Do You Call That Stitch? Or Is It a Binding?

Dear List,

I am writing a book that explains how to make a number of handmade
journals. Some are simple, tape-sewn books, but several others are quite
complex. I am writing out the instructions for each journal, and am
beginning to find variations in terminology. For instance, my book artist
tells me he used Coptic binding, but in other references I see it called
chain stitch. Also, another Coptic includes chain, kettle, and a stitch he
calls herringbone, but in other (printed) references I see it called French.

I researched the archive, and can't get a clear consensus on Coptic
binding. Is there a single type of stitching called Coptic, or is Coptic a
catchall term that might include several different types of stitches,
according to the maker's preference, as long as the spine is exposed? I
want to be very, very accurate with this book.

If the whole topic is too big for the list, please direct me to a
definitive (printed) source, or reply offlist to: Suzanne Tourtillott

Suzanne J. E. Tourtillott
Lark Books
50 College Street
Asheville, North Carolina, USA
Tel: (828) 253-0467 x312
Fax: (828) 253-7952
e-mail: suzanne@larkbooks.com


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