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Re: BOOK_ARTS-L Digest - 17 Aug 2000 to 18 Aug 2000 (#2000-224)

Please respond to the entire list. I am doing a project like this and could use
the advice

> Subject: Box-in-a-book
>        I have a commission to hollow out a book (I have yet to find) which
> will =
> hold a box in which a computerized household control will be hidden.  =
> The customer wants the top, front and base to look like a normal book =
> with the paper pages showing.  I am to make the cover & title it.
> The problem is how to "seal the pages' edges so that when the opening is =
> cut out the text-block hangs together.  Obviously the inside cutout =
> surface will also have to be sealed.
> I would appreciate any advice from those who have done this type of =
> project.  Please respond directly to me at:
> cescherm@usa.net
> Thanks=20
> Charles Schermerhorn
> The New Leaf Book Bindery
> Lompoc, Calif.

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