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Re: Hot Glue (Posting technical questions and providing complete information)

<This posting is in reply to a message sent to the GBW list, but because of
its appropriateness to a wide range of situations is being cross-posted>

This posting sent earlier, and a response I received for my reply, and
others, raise interesting question, and lead me to make a request. The
person writing to me (Judy Thompson), in response, made a different
assumption. My assumption, perhaps false, was that we were talking about a
modern hot-melt adhesive, i.e. synthetic, especially because of the
solvents being used. Judy assumed it was hide glue, perhaps because of the
paste and methylcellulose. There were also some other replies to the list
one thinking it was hot-melt, the other hide.

The concern expressed was that many were replying to something where they
had only incomplete/partial information. Misunderstood, that information
could have caused harm to the object/binder... This all leads me to make
the following request.

When posting a question, especially of this kind, please provide complete
information. Information could/should include:

Age of piece
Type of materials (if unsure try to describe)
Past courses of action (what worked/didn't)
Proposed course of action...

Add anything else you can think of, which will help those reading (remember
we can't see the real thing, but can only mentally visualize) get a better
sense of the issues at hand

A little knowledge can help, but also do a lot of harm, especially given
the incredible range of differences in experience out there.

Thank you for your understanding.


Peter D. Verheyen, Publicity Chair
The Guild of Book Workers
<Fax: 612.632.3718>

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