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Calligraphy Courses

Paul Werner will be offering the following courses in Calligraphy this

8 Sessions. Wednesdays, 6:30-8:10. September 20 to November 8.
This course balances basic training in Italic handwriting with lectures
and discussions on all aspects of calligraphy. Participants will learn to
analyze handwriting styles; they will be introduced to the history of
writing and to the use of quill pens and parchment. Most important, they
will learn to balance the discipline and knowledge of handwriting with the
emotional, aesthetic and intellectual depth of an art-form.

4 Sessions. Wednesdays, 6:30-8:35. November 15 to December 20.
Open to anyone with a working knowledge of calligraphy (e.g., of Italics
or any other hand), this workshop will answer questions and teach new
techniques as required by each student. Among the topics that may be
covered: learning a new hand; cutting quills and making ink; designing
decorative initials; planning a book; making colored papers; and the
techniques of Medieval illumination.

Courses meet at the Dalton School, on East 89th Street, in New York City.
For further information, contact NYU-SCPS at (212) 998-7130 or the


Paul Werner, New York City

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