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What Do You Call That Stitch? Or Is It a Binding?

  The question Suzanne raises about standard terminology has come up
before in various ways, though I don't recall addressing the subject
head on.  The short answer is, of course, no.  There is no standard
terminology, at least a widely accepted one.  There are plenty of people
who are adamant about what this or that OUGHT to be called.  There are
myriad kinds of stitches, some of which are common enough to have
acquired a sort of common name, some of which even carry over from
language to language, but not many.  There are a variety of sewing
patterns in Coptic bindings, and different types of those bindings.  The
herringbone stitch, I believe, is most often used to describe a linked
supported sewing but there is also an unsupported linked stitch that may
have picked up that name, too.
   While many might agree that a single system of terminology is
desireable, even inevitable as we become a global village, I don't know
what organization could create and monitor it.  In computer and aviation
circles English has become the lingua franca, but there is no such
practical consideration for adopting English as the international book
language.  Indeed, for eastern binding styles there may well not be a
western word for some things, and vice versa.  Anyone out there have an
opinion as to which language(s) would suit the greatest number?  And,
more to the point, what body would be in charge of such an effort? Just
  Dorothy A.

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