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Tipping question

  I would find myself a nice Japanese tissue that blends well with the
heavy stock paper you are using. Since it is heavy stock, one of the
kozo ones would be good, usimino or ikeda type.  Tear a piece of the
tissue twice the width of the tab depth you want, plus about half a
centimeter. Fold the tissue in half and tip one edge of your tab to one
face of your stock, then tip the other edge to the other face. Use the
long folded edge of the tissue to tip the page into your book. In effect
you have a hollow tube guard on your heavy stock that will do the
flexing for your heavy stock. The trick is to make your tissue guard
wide enough to do the folding and bending with the text block, but not
so wide that it pushes the page way out at the fore edge. If you can
edge pare the heavy stock before you attach the tissue guard that may
help too.
  Dorothy A.

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