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Re: Tipping question

>We are going to have to tip a series of pieces into a book we are
>constructing. In fact the entire book will be these pieces. The problem is
>the pieces themselves are on a somewhat heavy stock (approx. 80 -100 lb) and
>are therefore somewhat stiff.
>I might be wrong but I foresee problems with stresses being placed on the
>lighter weight (24 lb. laid paper) pages. I would love to hear suggestions
>on a method of tipping that would decrease the chances that these pieces
>will stress or damge the pages we are going to be placing them on. As the
>pages are handled etc.

Maybe an "A" frame hinge?

          // ||
         /    |
        /     |

The left angle is the piece to be tipped in.

The right edge is the page.

The shape ^ in between is a hinge that is tipped to both the page and the
piece to be placed in the book.  If you place the hinge slightly below the
top of the piece to be placed in the book it should still allow for some
movement of the piece and not show too much.  To further camouflage the
hinge, you could also use the same paper on which the book was printed.

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