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Re: Counter Top

Hi Everyone,

I found a great and very cheap bench top at Home
Depot. They sell 4 foot x 8 foot sheets of 3/4"
particle board coated on each side with white melamine
for about $20.  They will even cut it down to any size
you want free of charge. It has been a great bench top
surface for me. Very easy cleanup. I especially like
the 4" foot width--it gives me lots of space to spread
things out.

Melamine is not as hard of a surface as Formica, but
it sure is a lot less expensive. Best of all, if the
top side got accidentally cut with my scalpel, I could
just flip the board over for a new bench top.

They also sell a strip of while self adhesive edging
to wrap around the outside since the outside edges are
exposed particle board. This costs about another $10.

Happy Booking,


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