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Ben Franklin and Washington's Mangles

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From: Simon Drew <sdrew@MORGAN.NET.AU>
Date: Friday, August 25, 2000 9:17 AM
Subject: Re: Can anyone identify this press???


Looks like Benjamin Franklin owned a mangle. And so did George and Martha

Yesterday I stumbled onto a reference to a mangle listed in George
Washington's diary, as quoted in an article from the 1932 "Philadelphia
Public Ledger."

On Sept. 3, 1787, George Washington "visited a machine at Dr. Franklin's
(called a Mangle) for pressing in place of ironing, clothes from the wash;
which machines from which the facility with which it dispatches business is
well calculated for Table Cloths and such articles as have not pleats and
irregular foldings and would be very useful in all large families."

Later, when George Washington returned to Philadelphia as president, he
bought "a second-hand mangle from Mrs. Robert Morris" of Philadelphia.

...not to be confused with the root vegetable "mangel", which are those red
beets on steroids.


Lee J. Stoltzfus
Your Family Heirlooms
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Lititz, PA 17543

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