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Re: Something for the beginners among us.

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An additional trick for pasting out very fine tissues is to do it on top of a
scrap piece of clear polyester film, like Mylar.  Because it is clear and
stiff you can paste out and then pick it up and position the tissue exactly
where you want it to go.  Also you can put a dark surface underneath which
enables you to  see clearly every fiber you are brushing out.

Charles Schermerhorn wrote:

> The problem has been that often this paper is so fine that, once pasted, it
> is difficult, if not impossible to handle.  It either tears or curls along
> its length making the process of getting it off the pasting surface and
> onto the page a frustrating challenge.
> The light went on last week in this situation as I was using small 1/2"
> square pieces of such paper to reattach bits of text which had become
> separated from the page.  I wound up pasting the patch on a piece of wax
> paper a couple of times larger that the patch, and simply turning it over
> onto the tear, pressing the patch down carefully so as not to move the
> fragment.  The wax paper peeled neatly off the patch, and the mend was
> done.  The wax paper could also be left on, the piece put between a couple
> of blotters and a weight and allowed to dry under pressure.  But the
> process of pasting and handling delicate tissue seems much easier now.

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