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cleaning glue brushes

  Cleaning tips can be general or specific to the type of adhesive being
used, as well as the type of brush.  I know some binders who use the
cheapest brushes they can find, keep them in water when not in use and
pitch them when the brush rusts or rots.  Then there are the super
expensive only the best brush types who keep particular brushes for
particular adhesives and clean each brush after use.  The single most
important general tip I know of about brush care is the basic one--never
put a dry brush into an adhesive.  Not only does the adhesive stick on
the brush bristles like burrs on a dog for the first application, it
also resists coming out of the brush at the end of the day, making clean
-up a major chore.  I prefer to clean my brushes at the end of each day,
in warmish water (hot can be bad for the natural bristle brushes) and
let them dry over night.
 Dorothy Africa

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