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WOID #IV-34. Adventures in the Skin Trade.

Kevin Jackson has a large cache of eighteenth- and nineteenth-century
vellum sheets - and they're cheap.

Okay, they're all covered with writing: contracts, indentures, that kind
of thing. You'd have to spend a considerable amount of time scraping it
off, but at $25.00 and up for a large sheet, it's still a good deal. And
no, as writing goes there's not much you'd want to hold onto - trust me,
Ross. Plus, you get to find out what it was like to write on vellum in the
eighteenth century. Or at least you get to find out what it's like to
write on eighteenth-century vellum. Or to bind with it.

Kevin's got a stall in the Antiques Garage off of Sixth Avenue around 26th
Street this coming weekend, or you can contact him at (212) 375-8500 or

Paul Werner, New York City
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