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Old Vellum

I agree with Paul Werner, without having seen these
examples. I used to buy them by the bagful in London at flea
markets. There are tens of thousands, or maybe it's hundreds
of thousands, of these indentures--property deeds and the
like. The calligraphy is generally worse than your average
amateur's, as they were not done to be artistic--just
records of things like property transactions. They were
required to be on vellum for permanence. Most of them are
rather ugly. I have resold a few of the nicer ones, or those
with interesting seals.

They are eminently suitable for recycling as art, whether by
erasing the old "art" and doing new art on the skin, or by
incorporating as is into whatever.

This fixation with the notion that anything old is valuable
is peculiar at best.

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